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Psalm 114

a poetic reinterpretation

Psalm 114 | Revised Common Lectionary for Proper 19 (24) Year A | Sunday, September 13, 2020

When you offered us release from
all that bound us,
when your Words of Life revealed
the nonsense we had come to believe–
it was like a spell had been broken and
we knew a Loving Welcome
and Peace like never before.

The whole universe reverberated
with your Presence in that moment.
Nothing could stand in the way
of your Gift of Life, Love,
Peace, and Presence.

When once we looked around
and felt the threat of
our annihilation, now
everywhere we see
your Presence shimmering through.

May hatred ebb away.
May fear turn back.
May sickness take flight.
May our stony hearts
overflow with your Mercy
and Compassion.

The universe is
a sanctuary
for your Love.

-Jennifer W. Davidson

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

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