Psalm 17

a poetic reinterpretation

decorative image. a bright orange flame against a dark background.

To come to you with complete honesty
I must leave words aside–
Listen instead, I beg you,
to my cry, my tears,
this awful grief.
It comes in sobs, it
comes in silence,
stillness like death
You see me at night
eyes wide, heart
racing, the threat
the weight of life.
In this wordless space
You see the unknown
depths of me
And cradle the ember in
me that is Love.
With gentle breath
Your Love coaxes Life
–not more than I can bear.

I plead with you, listen, but not
to my words, that
fail and flail.
Listen to what is wildly
hidden, achingly
silent, monstrously
secret, fiercely
Defend me from what lies
to me, what lies in me.
[Yes, I see your love everywhere.
Love comes as rice, and beans
and maseca for tortillas
to your children who are hungry.]

But me? You see me at night and I,
I awaken again in the
morning and find
I love you.

–Jennifer W. Davidson

Photo by Arnau Soler on Unsplash

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