Psalm 100

a poetic reinterpretation

Come alive with joy, unrestrained
God’s Love animates the cosmos.
Enter the flow of Love
for Love already streams in you
washes through every cell
energizes every atom.
Give yourself to Love until you know:
Love animates you
Love creates us
We belong to Love
We are Love in human form
[Earth is Love in earth-form;
trees are Love in tree-form;
dust is Love in dust-form.]
We are nourished by
the steady thrum of Love’s energies
coursing through sunlight
roaring in the wild wind,
trembling in tender, spring green.
Enter every space with gratitude
for Love’s Presence there.
See that the whole earth is made
holy with Love
Sanctuary Earth.
Savor Love’s Presence and
breathe thank you, thank you!
Love was
long before we were,
Love will be
long after we are

-Jennifer W. Davidson

Photo by Adrien Converse on Unsplash

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