Psalm 34

a poetic reinterpretation

May the words thank you! and yes!
and wow, wow, wow,
be the first that spring from mind to lips.
My spirit leaps in your presence
Everywhere I look, you are there.
You are there.
You are here.

Searching is finding when everything
exists in you.
Fear dissolves.
Your Loving Presence infuses life,
soothes the heat of shame
receives our tears
and settles troubled hearts.
You surround your beloved ones
(we are all beloved to you)
and show us the way of Love.

Like chocolate, like honey, like
warm, home-baked bread–
we taste you.
Like El Capitan at sunset
like the full moon at horizon’s edge–
we see you.
Thank you! Yes!
Wow, wow, wow!
Even the hungry lion within me–
the one that paces with restlessness–
circles ’round and is sated
in your Presence.

Teach me with all the patience
and gentleness needed to teach little ones.
I long for life’s vibrancy and goodness.
Make me mindful of thoughts that defeat me,
center my thoughts on whatever is helpful,
bring my heart to peace that I may also
be peace for others.

[You do not collude with evil,
or broker deals that crush those who are
already vulnerable.
I am complicit and there are
hard places in my soul.
Sometimes I enter your presence with fear–
afraid you will see me as enemy.]

I trust that you see the smallest moments
of tenderness and care.
I trust you hear the frightened, whispered prayer.
I trust you hear even the most silent and secret tears
held back by those who have learned it’s unsafe to cry.
I trust you are in the broken places–
everywhere I look, you are there.
You are there.
You are here.

Thank you.
Wow, wow, wow.

-Jennifer W. Davidson

Photo by Katie Rodriguez on Unsplash

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