Psalm 1

a poetic reinterpretation

praying psalm 1 with the understanding that sometimes wicked self-judgment is what leads us down our own paths of devastation–and God’s gentle grace is powerful enough to dissipate our storms of self-doubt.

Contentment and peaceful joy
  awaken in us when we
  are not taken in by the whispers
    of Not Good Enough, when we
stay off the well-worn path
    of Self-Criticism and Abdication.

We revel in life and love-
   God’s graceful path-
surrounded by compassion,
   through unfiltered day
 and restless night.

Love is the eternal river
  that flows ever beneath the surface
Love draws our roots
  toward God’s fathomless depths
    resilient roots, weather every storm.
It is Love that awakens life
  verdant hope.

Vicious self-judgment threatens to break us
  though it has no substance of its own
It only takes a breath
  for thoughts to die
They cannot remain
  their lies exposed
through the courage of compassionate Love.

Jennifer W. Davidson

Photo by Jay Castor on Unsplash

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