Psalm 121

a poetic reinterpretation

imagined as the moment before the psalmist lifted up her eyes

I can get caught up in
  looking down & in — seeing
   only what isn’t working
    what’s broken, wretched
    an embarrassment.

I can be caught by surprise when
   my eyes are drawn
    to the blue horizon
    or the distant rolling hills
    or the evening air awash
      in the roses of sunset.

It is you that dazzles me in these
   shimmering, fragile delights
   fleeting, passing,
    too easy to miss.

These delicate whispered vows:
   this is how your help & hope comes
     through gentle, beautiful things
     achingly evanescent
   like a bird’s feathers
     both armor & wing.

Jennifer W. Davidson

Photo by Nico Frey on Unsplash

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