Psalm 92

a poetic reinterpretation

Something within me comes
  to a place of stillness and rest
when I remember to thank you, God,
  when I center my attention 
    on your Love.
In the morning, your Love is in the birdsong
At night, I remember your faithfulness
  in the steady thrum of crickets.
I can let go in these moments of being —
  simply feel joy because you are here.

For a breath or two I believe I can
  tumble forever in the joy of you.
But I don’t. I forget again.
My spirit grows tired and threadbare
  self-recrimination grows up in me
   like thistle and weeds.
My eyes are drawn to all that seems broken
  hopelessness seems to flourish
  and struggle feels pointless.
Even so you draw my gaze back to you
  hopelessness dissolves
   fear flies from me.

You gently smooth my hands from 
  balled fists to open palms
So that I can receive the gifts you offer
   freedom from fear
   release from dread
   comfort, lightness, and love.

Your vision for us is one of flourishing life
  in well-watered soil.
Your desire for us draws us up and out
  branches and leaves and fruit
   and sap and nests filled with
birds that sing of your Love at
  dawn’s first light.
As we grow old, you do not leave us
   even when we feel most alone
   when our hearing silences the birds
   and our sight is ripped away.
Still the birds sing, the crickets thrum,
  and a lifetime of learning to trust you
   finds its moments of peace in
   the silence and darkness of roots.

-Jennifer W. Davidson

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