Psalm 12

a poetic reinterpretation

I need you, God!
My heart searches for hope–
  within myself and in others–
I come up empty.

Trust washes away like
  sand in rough waves
Time washes over me
  I am swept up in it.

Dissolve the illusions that
  prevent me from knowing
  the ocean of your Love.
Don’t let me talk myself out of
  trusting that we matter
    to you.

“My tides of Love and Mercy
  will rise to lift up
    every last one
    in need,” you promise.
  “I want life for the
    least, lost, frail, and frightened.”

Though our hearts are
  broken and troubled,
we know your Love
    keeps us from drowning
we trust your Mercy
  keeps us afloat.

Jennifer W. Davidson

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

One thought on “Psalm 12

  1. Jen, I really like this!  I sat down and compared it to the psalm, and no offense to David, but I prefer your interpretation to the original.   I also loved the references to the ocean.  Thanks for sharing.  We need each other for inspiration in these troubling times.  Love, MomDSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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