Jen’s Brief Rule

Detail: Jen’s Rule of Life by Jennifer W. Davidson

In all things…grace

Remember that God is at the center of every rule, the very Rhythm that animates life.

Remember that every desire to pray is already prayer, for it is God praying in you, inviting you into God’s loving presence.

Know that every moment holds within it the potential to begin again.

Just as the Law was gift, so is a daily rhythm that keeps you focused, grounded, and centered. Remember that all you do is part of your spiritual being, so offer your work in the midst of prayer. Consecrate your work in this manner.

Engage in regular study so that as you grow and learn you can offer your best to others and to God. Learn so you can give away.

Seek solitude, but do not give in to the temptation to isolate yourself. Seek out regular companionship. Find people with whom you can laugh. Seek out those who value good and thoughtful conversation. As much as it is possible, find a community with whom you can worship.

Learn to love your body, to cherish what your body is capable of doing, and to care for your body as a holy and beautiful gift. Cultivate multiple ways to celebrate, relax, and enjoy others’ company so that gatherings do not always rely on food and drink. But when they do, let that food and drink be healthful. Give yourself the rest you need. Nourish yourself. Likewise care for your home as the intimate space in which you live.

Practice radical hospitality toward yourself and others. Love yourself. And seek to be a gracious presence in the world where others can feel welcomed and loved.

In all things…grace

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  1. such a beautiful gathering of words! such words of true grace without sounding at all like just good advice! it bears repeating: such a beautiful gathering of words.

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